What New Recycling Legislation Means to Growers and Grocers

What New Recycling Legislation Means to Growers and Grocers


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California’s governor recently signed into law the country’s most sweeping, rigorous restrictions on single-use plastics and packaging. It will affect everyone from growers, to grocers, even consumers. These panel members will offer guidance on how the law will affect your business now and in the future. Learn:
  • How the law affects your business today
  • What a 30% recyclable plastics mandate by 2028 really means
  • What non-compliance will cost 
  • The breadth of CalRecyle’s authority 
If your business uses plastics, this discussion is critical. 

Kevin Kelly 
Emerald Packaging, Inc.

Kevin has been CEO of Emerald Packaging, Inc., since 2002. Since then, the company has quadrupled in size through diversification and innovation, becoming one of the largest flexible packaging companies west of the Rockies. He also founded ePac, the industry’s leading manufacturer of digitally printed packaging. Kevin has helped champion sustainable packaging options in the industry, a commitment recognized by the Flexible Packaging Association with three awards in the sustainable category since 2013. 

Gail Delihant
Director of Governmental Affairs
Western Growers Association

Gail has been the director of governmental affairs since December 2008. She is well known for her knowledge of water and agricultural issues in California and actively lobbies legislators and governmental bureaucrats on the various concerns facing growers today. 

Roxanne Spiekerman
Vice President of Business Development
PreZero US

Roxanne started her career in the plastic film industry with Roplast Industries in 2005. Over the course of her career, the company evolved to include plastic film recycling. She was involved in steering Roplast’s approach to sustainability with regards to material integration, reuse and recycling.

Stephanie Morris 
Sustainability Coordinator

Stephanie began her career as a K-6 educator. Her passion for sustainability led to her role as Jimbo’s first sustainability coordinator. She joined Jimbo’s in 2018 and has pushed for sustainable change from her earliest days at the company. She approaches Jimbo’s sustainability goals by creating a culture of sustainability: mobilizing and educating staff and engaging with local organizations and consumers to expand Jimbo’s impact throughout the communities where the company operates. 

Chelsea Minor
Corporate Director, Public Affairs

Chelsea serves as the spokesperson for this sophisticated retailer and develops and executes its public affairs and brand reputation strategies. She also manages government relations for external partnerships for all banners under The Raley’s Companies. She started with Raley’s in 2015 managing external communications. Chelsea was recently honored by the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce as Businessperson of the Year. 


Jennifer Strailey
Editorial Director
The Packer

Jennifer is the editorial director of The Packer, the produce industry’s most respected publication. She brings more than two decades of experience covering the competitive grocery, natural products and specialty food and beverage. She provides retail decision-makers with the insight, market intelligence, trends analysis, news and strategic merchandising concepts that drive sales.


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