Solving Labor & Recruitment Challenges

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Solving Labor and Recruitment Challenges 

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Join us for an important discussion focused on how to recruit and integrate guest and H2A visa workers into your workforce.  This forward-looking session will map out how leading growers can implement best practices to meet the challenges that are shaping our industry’s future.



Kenton Harmer
Managing Director

Kenton Harmer is the managing director of the Equitable Food Initiative. He directs the multistakeholder process responsible for the ecosystem of standards, policies and relationships that make up the EFI certification program, and he leads EFI’s program to mitigate forced labor in the agricultural labor supply chain. As managing director, Kenton also holds responsibilities for internal management systems that amplify and measure EFI’s impact.

Norma Encinas
H2A Program Director

Norma has spent over 10 years working progressively in the H2A program, successfully processing and delivering thousands of workers to numerous companies throughout the country. Her expertise assists the agricultural industry in administering the numerous complex legal and compliance issues of the H2A process. For the past 4 years, she has served as the H2A program director for CIERTO, an international organization that recruits, trains and dispatches farmworkers to farms in the United States with an emphasis in ethical and transparent recruitment. This is a full-scale approach that brings value throughout the agricultural supply chain. She lives in Yuma, Arizona, the winter lettuce capital of the world.



Matt Rogers
Co-Founder and General Manager

Matt Rogers is co-founder and general manager of AgSocio. Prior to starting AgSocio, Matt spent many years working on strategic purchasing initiatives and social, environmental and food safety issues in the produce supply chain for Whole Foods Market. Through his work with growers across the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, Matt saw the need for a new approach to agricultural labor that better serves workers and growers alike. Matt took a leave from Whole Foods Market to explore the opportunity. He quickly found a lead investor and AgSocio was born. Matt serves on the standards committee of the Equitable Food Initiative and on the board of directors of CIERTO. Matt is currently a member of the National Agricultural Worker Advisory Council of the National Center for Farmworker Health.


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