State of the Supply Chain

State of the Supply Chain – Analysis and Insights From Industry Professionals


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Take a deep dive look into multiple aspects of the American supply chain. During this insightful conversation, the panel of experts will cover topics including:

  • Port of LA congestion and what is being done to relieve it
  • Perspectives from both import and export experts
  • Real-time tracking assessments and inventory status
  • Viewpoints on increasing consumer confidence 
  • Long-term strategies for success 

This is a unique opportunity to hear from experts who are on the front lines of the American supply chain.



Martha Montoya

Martha is the CEO at Agtools, a worldwide SaaS food and agricultural financial data platform. Martha and her brothers have won the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Microsoft Award for Agtools. The platform offers trusted and official data from around the world in real-time for farmers and buyers to manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce global food waste and the carbon footprint.

Mark Munger
Vice President Sales & Marketing
4Earth Farms

Mark is the vice president of Marketing and Strategy for 4Earth Farms, where he is responsible for building the company’s brand, developing new customer opportunities and guiding the company’s strategic direction. He is also responsible for managing the company’s packaging supply inventories.

Marcel VanDijk
Cargo Marketing Manager
The Port of Los Angeles

Marcel is a cargo marketing manager at The Port of Los Angeles. Since 2001, he has been responsible for the business development of the Port, maintaining relationships with key individuals in the logistics chain as well as cargo owners. His focus is on bulk and break-bulk cargo handling, and he is an account manager for bulk and containerized terminals. 

Mitch Wetzel
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Sunview Marketing International

Mitch is the vice president of Sales and Marketing at Sunview Marketing International and has been with Sunview since 2018. Sunview is a family-run business with safe food and premium quality as its foremost goals. The company employees have decades of practical experience coupled with technological sophistication which enables them to sell and ship grapes around the world.

Krenar Komoni
Founder and CEO

Krenar Komoni is founder and CEO of Tive, a global supply chain visibility company. Tive is a cloud-based platform that uses IoT sensors to capture critical real-time shipment sensor data as products are shipped worldwide. For nearly 20 years, Krenar has developed breakthrough ideas in data analytics, logistics and electronics design.



Patrick Kelly
Founder and Host
The Produce Industry Podcast

Patrick Kelly is the founder and host of The Produce Industry Podcast, a weekly podcast that discusses all types of markets, foreign and domestic, in areas, such as supply, demand, logistics, technology and more. He is also a successful entrepreneur, speaker and strategist in the produce/supply chain industry. 

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