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The process of achieving high quality silage begins in the field and is influenced along the way by all subsequent actions in the production process.  Critical factors including genetics selection, growing conditions, harvest-time execution, fermentation, proper storage design, and quantifying results all play a part in delivering a hygienic, nutritional feed source to your cows. Each decision made in the process will influence a dairy operation's bottom line. Creating a trusted partnership among stakeholders involved in each decision step maximizes your control on final forage quality. 
Take advantage of the elements you can control in your forage program.  View this free webinar to hear experts talk about what it takes to achieve premium quality silage and haylage. You’ll hear from Dr. Luiz Ferraretto, University of Florida; Dr. Limin Kung, University of Delaware; Dr. David Combs, University of Wisconsin; and Ev Thomas of Oak Point Agronomics. They all presented at Silage Camp 2020 in Gainesville, Florida (home of the University of Florida), and we brought this impressive panel together to help forage growers make the most of this year’s crop.
David Combs
University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Combs was raised on a dairy farm in west central Minnesota, earned his Ph.D. in dairy science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is currently a professor in the UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science. His research mainly focuses on forage utilization by dairy cattle. Combs is a past recipient of the J.S. Donald Farm and Industry Short Course Teaching Award. Since 1985, Combs has played an important role in the dairy science department in both research and instruction. Each year, Combs serves as an advisor to between 12 and 25 undergraduate students and teaches several courses from introductory livestock production to the dairy science capstone. Outside of the classroom, Combs has mentored and coached UW-Madison’s Dairy Challenge Team since 2002. 
Luiz Ferraretto
University of Florida

Luiz Ferraretto obtained his B.S. in animal science from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at São Paulo State University, Brazil. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in dairy science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Livestock Nutrition, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida. Ferraretto’s research program aims basic and applied dairy nutrition with emphasis on carbohydrate utilization by lactating cows, improving forage quality and utilization, use of alternative feed ingredients, use of feed additives, and the development of laboratory and on-farm techniques to improve forage and feed analysis.


Limin Kung, Jr.
University of Delaware

Limin Kung, Jr. is a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, where he obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees in animal science. He completed his Ph.D. in dairy science at Michigan State University and is currently the S. Hallock du Pont Professor of Animal Sciences (endowed professorship) in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, University of Delaware. Kung’s research has centered on ways to improve the productive efficiency of lactating dairy cows through a better understanding of fermentation processes that occur in silage and in the rumen of cows. His silage program has been recognized in the U.S. and internationally and he is a sought-after speaker at dairy meetings throughout the world.


Ev Thomas
Oak Point Agronomics

Ev Thomas has worked as an agronomist in northern New York state for 42 years, first with Cornell University Cooperative Extension, then with the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, New York, including managing its 680-acre crop operation. He’s now semi-retired but still works part-time for Miner Institute, including writing/editing its Farm Report newsletter. He has a long-running column in Farming magazine and has had over 100 articles published in Hoard’s Dairyman. Ev’s ongoing speaking and consulting activities have taken him to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and throughout North America.

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