How Technology is Enriching Dairy Operations

How Technology is Enriching Dairy Operations





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Three dairy producers share how technology is playing a big role in propelling their dairies forward. From enhanced cattle welfare and communication across the supply chain to dialing in data-based decisions, this webinar gives real-life examples to take back to your operation. 

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Ryan Junio
Ryan Junio owns and operates Four J Jerseys in Pixley, Calif. along with his family. Four J Farms is home to over 11,000 registered Jerseys and they milk 4,200 cows and farm 1,600 acres that include alfalfa, corn, wheat and almonds. Ryan is continuing the legacy that was established by his great-grandfather, who began farming in the San Joaquin Valley in the 1920s

To increase efficiency, this past summer the Junio’s built a 2,000-cow free stall barn that has allowed them to consolidate their two milking herds into and get all their cows out of open lot corrals and into free stalls. 

Genomic testing has been a key tool in helping Ryan reach his goals as a breeder. Through genomic testing, Ryan has been able to identify his elite family lines and sell high genomic animals that have topped national sales in recent years. Four J Farms also has more than 125 Jerseys ranked among the top 1.5% for GJPI. Genomic testing has also allowed Ryan to rank his herd and separate his top-end from his bottom. In 2017 Ryan received the California Young Jersey Breeder Award. Two years later, he received the Young Jersey Breeder Award by the American Jersey Cattle Association. 


Chema Ortiz
Chema Ortiz is the herd management specialist at Milk Source , where he has been employed for 16-plus years. Chema has been involved in the dairy industry for nearly 20 years. He started milking cows and then became a herd manager for Rosendale Dairy, an 8,000-cow operation for five-plus years.


Ken McCarty
Ken McCarty graduated from Wyalusing Valley High School in northeastern Pennsylvania in June of 2001. Upon graduation, Ken moved to Kansas where he attended Kansas State University, majoring in Animal Science and Industry with a production management option. During his time at K-State, he was heavily involved in the Dairy Science Club, Ag Student Council, the Dairy Cattle Judging team and many other activities. After graduating in the spring of 2005 Ken returned to work at his family’s dairy farm located in Rexford, Kan.

The McCarty family has grown their dairy from 1,500 milking cows on one site in 2005 to 13,000 milking cows across five different dairies today. They currently produce 1.3 million pounds of Non-GMO Verified and Validus Certified raw milk daily and process approximately 685,000 lbs. of that raw milk daily through an evaporative condensing plant and ship all their product to Danone North America. At present, Ken is responsible for animal welfare, compliance to third-party certifications, sustainability initiatives and public relations along with helping manage the Rexford dairy. 


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