Gaining Control of Input Costs With a Healthy Soil Microbiome

Gaining Control of Input Costs With
a Healthy Soil Microbiome

Wake up the soil’s microbiome to maximize
profits and take back control.

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With fertilizer prices on an aggressive climb last year, the ag industry has been awash in talk of how to cut costs and take back control of unwieldy input prices. One of the best ways to do this is to cultivate a healthy soil microbiome so you can increase nutrient uptake by using the nutrients already stored in the soil.

You’ll learn:

  • New ways to stimulate healthy, active soil microbes to improve nutrient efficiency and maximize yields
  • The latest easy steps that can supplement management practices to unlock more of the nutrients that are already in the soil
  • How microbiome activators like SOURCE® wake up soil microbes and give plants access to more nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus
  • How Sound Agriculture’s Performance Optimizer can easily guide precision placement based on your soil parameters

Join us as we dive into the science behind activating soil microbes to unlock nutrients and improve profitability.


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Jeff Divan
Director Sales Agronomy
Sound Agriculture

Jeff Divan manages technical training and in-field support for the U.S. division of Sound Agriculture. Prior to Sound, he held sales and support roles at multiple Silicon Valley based start-ups, including The Climate Corporation, Mavrx and Ceres Imaging. In addition to Sound, Jeff owns and operates a 1,500 acre family farm near Thompson, Iowa. His ambition to adopt new technologies led the farm into strip-till in 2011 and cover crops in 2012. Both of these practices have grown to encompass a majority of the operation's acres and additional custom work. Jeff is committed to applying technology to drive efficiency and profitability on the farm.


Will Llewellyn
Senior Sales Agronomist
Sound Agriculture

Will Llewellyn is the senior sales agronomist for Sound Agriculture, covering the entire southeast region of the United States. Originally from Minnesota, Will studied agriculture and statistics at the University of Minnesota. Today, he is currently focused on commercial trial data analysis and helping growers gameplan for the 2022 season. 


Roric Paulman
Paulman Farms

Since he first began farming, Roric Paulman has had a passion for developing practices that set benchmarks for excellence and continuous improvement in all phases of his operation. He is active on state, regional and national boards for many of the crops he grows, but in particular is focused on helping to promote farmer understanding of best practices in water use efficiency. Established in 1985, Paulman Farms is a dba joint venture with Deb and Roric Paulman. The 8,500-acre rain-fed and irrigated farming operation produces a wide range of crops, including yellow and white corn, yellow popcorn, soybeans and many more. His farming operation is located in southwest Nebraska, with land that extends into Lincoln, Keith, and Perkins counties.



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